Friday 23 December Sound Architecture present Guido Schneider, Andre Galluzzi, Dan D and others at Cafe D’Anvers Antwerp


GUIDO SCHNEIDER (Pokerlfat, Highgrade, levelNONzero) Berlin
ANDRE GALLUZZI (Cocoon, Cadenza) Berlin
JOACHIM (Sound Architecture, Cirque D’Anvers)
BP (Sound Architecture, Jericho, Cirque D’Anvers)

Visuals by Alerta (Santiago de Chile)
Lights by Dave Brody (Antwerp)
DAN D (Club der Visionaire) Berlin
ARNE (Sunday Matinee)
VEEBO (Sunday Matinee)
MIYAGUY (Sunday Matinee)
CALVACHE (Sunday Matinee)
more info and update soon
buy your tickets presale and save money.
presale at all Free Record Shops and
We wish you all a very merry warm and musical christmas..
Biography Guido Schneider
Berlin based DJ and musician Guido Schneider has been producing electronic music since the early 90ʼs. Strongly influenced by the “EBM“ genre, he started his first project together with a friend in 1991. A few years later, at that time based in Celle, Germany, Schneider founded the label “Neue Welten”, on which he for several years released his own music, solo and together with colleagues. Inspired by his move to Berlin in the mid-nineties, Guido began focusing fully on his music, especially on his co-productions with renowed producer Sammy Dee, as “Schneider & Radecki”. Changes marked the beginning of the new millennium: Guido discontinued “Neue Welten” and met vocalist Florian Schirmacher. Schneider’s production skills and Florianʼs vocals was a perfect match and together they started the project “Glowing Glisses” under which pseudonym they released three singles as well as the album “Silver Surfer“ on Poker Flat Recordings. In 2002, Guido and Glowing Glisses joined Steve Bug, Märtini Brös and Martin Landsky on the Poker Flat World Tour. Back in Germany, after spending months & months on the road, Guido started to focus on his solo project under his own name. All the hard work in the studio paid off and a streak of solo-releases on Poker Flat followed, especially “Unterwegs mit Guido Schneider“ and “Oh My Buffer“, productions who put Guido on the map of internationally acclaimed producers. Guido was also Poker Flat label owner Steve Bugʻs first choice to remix his unstoppable classic “Loverboy“ for the labelʼs 50th anniversary release. The success continued with his remixes of B.ʼs “Minikool”, Dub Kultʼs “On & On”, 2Dawgʼs “Itʼs A Dawgs Life“ and Daniel Stefanikʼs “Move Me“ showed that Guido is a force to be reconed with. The next milestone in his career was his first solo album “Focus On: Guido Schneider” released on Poker Flat in 2006. His fame rose quickly and the album was an exciting overview of his capabilities. Through the years, Guido Schneider has built up a reputation for being a solid DJ, rocking dancefloors all around the world. He is continously invited to play in top clubs in North & South America, Ibiza, Canada, Australia, Japan and all around the world, but also finds time to do local shows in his hometown Berlin. In 2009, Schneider founded the electronic music booking agency “Solid AM” a step he took in order to feature and push artists he believe in. Next Step was Guido & An Reich started “Motivbank”, which since then, has featured releases from Reboot, Ion Ludwig, Giles Smith, Wareika and many more.
More recently, Guido Schneider has teamed up with Berliner Jens Bond for several releases on Highgrade records. He has also found success working with a new production partner, Pascal Feos. The duo have released three records on Feos own imprint “Level Non Zero” and an album is in the making.
Biography Andre Galluzzi
André is born in Frankfurt in 1973. When he is 14, he works in a Club behind the bar – the DJ falls ill one day and André gets the chance to fill in behind the decks, an experience that will change the course of his life… In the beginning of the nineties he has become a regular in a variety of clubs, e.g. the „M“ in Mainz or the legendary Berlin „Bunker“. Not long after, he’s already quite popular as a DJ in and around Frankfurt and in Berlin and as a consequence is given a residency in the „Parkcafé“ in Wiesbaden. In 1994 he starts to work for the renowned record distributor Neuton, where he meets Paul Brtschitsch. In 1995, André and Paul found the label TAKSI and – the heyday in their young career – Sven Väth plays their first production in the famous Frankfurt radio show „HR3 Clubnight“.
Shortly after receiving a residency in Berlin’s famous „Tresor“ in 1996, André moves to the capital, where he joins the agency „Good Groove Booking“. After that, his engagements as a DJ become more international, he plays in Sweden, Canada, Holland, Turkey, Switzerland. His productions are released on labels such as TAKSI, Ongaku or Force Inc. He spins at radio stations like Kiss FM, HR XXL, Sputnik or Fritz; his sessions at Berlin’s „Ostgut“ are legendary. Richie Hawtin licenses his TAKSI track „Schneesturm“ for his label Plus 8 and adds a remix. In 2003, André mixes the successful compilation „Galluzzi im Garten“ for the „Ostgut“, produces the track „Maskenball“ with Paul Brtschitsch for the Cocoon Compilation C, and for Ongaku the album „Night on Earth II“.
By now, he has become quite infamous for his intoxicating 10 hour sets; he plays all around the globe and has another residency in Berlin’s „Berghain“. However arduous his working schedule may be, there is still time for creatitivity – he works in the studio with musicians such as John Selway, Guido Schneider or Dana Ruh and has released his third mix compilation for the „Airport“ in Wuerzburg.
Oh and it’s gonna be a CRAZY night at Cafe D’Anvers 😉

About sound architecture

A platform founded out of love and devotion for electronic dance music in all it's form and function..
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