Saturday 10 September Cirque D’Anvers CD compilation release party @ Cafe D’Anvers

Once upon a time on a new years eve early 2011 The Cafe D’Anvers Resident Nights transformed into the new concept Cirque d’Anvers, our brand new party saturdaynight introducing the crowds into an imaginary world of acrobats, clowns, jugglers, unicyclists, firebreathers, and other stunt-oriented artists. But most important a new musical direction featuring a selection of new residents featuring Deejays and producers such as Hermanez, Massimo Girardi, Joachim, BP and dj Prinz alongside former legendary residents DJ Smos, Bartholomeo and Patrick Schmidt. During Cirque D’anvers nights the club is transformed into an authentic circus with adequate decoration and animation, a creative collective of known professional artists transform themselves intgo the imaginary world of Circus artists. Visitors get circus make-overs , fake tattoo’s, cotten candy carts and much more! Making a Cirque D’anvers night a memorable night to remember..

This Cirque D’Anvers cd compilation arranged and mixed by Joachim & BP is therefore a great life time souvenir and a perfect introduction of what our residents have to offer..

Cirque D’anvers every second saturday of the month at Cafe D’Anvers.


About sound architecture

A platform founded out of love and devotion for electronic dance music in all it's form and function..
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